An Overview of Our Eclectic Services (to match our Eclectic Jewelry)
We work closely with our Greek suppliers to address the specific needs and preferences of our customers. Thus, we provide value added services that include, but are not limited, to:
        1. the creation of new jewelry,
        2. the adaptation of an existing design to another medium,
        3. the customization of jewelry that we regularly carry and
        4. the modification of the customer's own jewelry.
Furthermore, we offer personal shopper services. That is, we undertake to search in Greece for a particular item (which may not be part of our regular product line) that a customer is looking for.

The next four paragraphs describe actual examples that correspond to each of the services listed above.

The fifth paragraph describes a case of personal shopping service for a group of customers that, through persistent detective work, evolved into a regular part of our product line.

Through these rich and diverse customer service experiences we have been inspired to create original designs. The last paragraph describes an example of a set of 14K gold and mother of pearl "mati" (evil eye) jewelry consisting of a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

The Alexander The Great 18K Gold Ring
A customer asked us to create an 18K gold Alexander the Great ring similar to rings that he had seen in Greece.
The customer wanted a bold, square ring with a quality coin replica of Alexander. He further specified that the coin be 20 mm (3/4") in diameter. So the ring had to be built around that dimension. The first three images show the ring that was created using a shank with the Greek Key (or meander) pattern. Because of the requirement that it be square, each side of the ring face ended up being 25 mm (1"). The coin depicts Alexander as Zeus Ammon with a diadem and bull's horns.
The customer received the ring, liked it but, after he put it on, realized that it was too big for his hand. So, we obtained a 15mm coin reproduction of Alexander the Great with Hercules's lionshead skin and built the new ring around it (fourth through sixth images). 
The customer accepted the smaller ring while another customer purchased the original ring at another time. 
Later, a third Alexander ring was created for stock (seventh through ninth images). Note that it is similar to the second ring--in size and depiction (Lionshead skin)--but the the coin was set in a different style.
The "Christ is the Alpha and Omega" 18K Gold Ring
A customer came to us with a silver ring on the face of which were the initials for the Greek words: Alpha, Christ, Omega, i.e., Christ is the Beginning and the End (first and second images). She asked that we make the ring in 18K gold.
However, she wanted it as a continuous band (third image) rather than an open one (fourth image). 
We came up with this design (fifth through seventh images) which closely resembles the original.
Later the ring was redesigned for another customer (eighth through tenth images). Thus, it was made more convex to give the illusion of volume while keeping the cost down.
The Pegasus Micromosaic 18K Gold Ring
One of our most unusual lines is the carved porcelain micromosaic jewelry usually set in sterling silver and 14K gold embellishments. An example is this pectoral cross. Another is the 18K gold pendant of Alexander the Great with diamonds shown in the first image.
A customer saw the pendant of Pegasus and requested a ring with the same image in solid 18K but personalized.
The other two images show the results. The initials of his name (in Greek) were added in 18K yellow gold relief.
The Rubber and 14K Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
One of the most popular types of jewelry in our collection is a flexible rubber bracelet with one or more 14 yellow gold tube elements with the "Evil Eye" (or in Greek, simply: Mati [The Eye]).

The first image shows a bracelet with a single gold and turquoise element. The next shows a bracelet with three solid elements and three Greek Key (meander) elements. The third shows the six element bracelet (on the left) and a three element design.
The last bracelet shows a customer's bracelet (originally bought from a different source) after our supplier doubled the 14K yellow gold tube elements from four to eight and the 14K yellow gold gold bands  also from four to eight.
The 14K Gold Byzantine Style Cut-Out Crosses
Over the years we had received numerous requests for 14K yellow gold crosses that looked like the ones in the first two images. It seems that many Greek ladies that emigrated to the US in the 50s and early 60s were familiar with them and introduced them to their daughters and other close relatives.

Many years ago we obtained a number of crosses of this kind through an intermediate source. However, this supply source soon dried out and we had to locate a supplier that actually made these crosses. It took us two years to do so.

This is how we did it. The Greek Jewelers Association or, as they call themselves, the Hellenic Center of Gold Silversmiths Trade
assigns (usually) one unique identifier to each of the 800+ Greek jewelry manufacturers. This identifier consists of a letter and one or two numbers and must be embossed on the jewelry item along with the degree of gold or silver purity.

Our intermediary source had provided us with crosses that bore three different identifiers. Using the official identifier directory as well as our sources in Athens we traced the identities of all of them. Two had either retired or gone out of business. The third, though officially recently retired (at the ripe old age of 75!!...), was still willing to make them for us.

To the best of our knowledge, these crosses are no longer regularly made or sold in Greece.

You will find examples of the work of this old timer in product codes starting with the prefix "AT", like this example.